Geotech Logging Services LLC - Current Drilling Activities

Recent and Current Drilling Activities

Cretaceous Trend:

We are actively working with multiple operators in the following areas and field; Tight Olmos Sands in South Texas, the Austin Chalk in Maverick County and the Giddings field, the Eagle Ford Formation from Eagle Pass to the San Marcos Arch, Buda Formation from Eagle Pass the Robertson County , Georgetown formation in Maverick Basin, Edward formation in the Luling Branyon Fault trend and Salt Flats of Caldwell County , Serpentine wells from Maverick to Williamson counties, Woodbine formation in East Texas, and Tuscaloosa formation in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Texas Gulf Coast:

We have been actively participating in onshore tight and high pressure sands throughout the gulf coast from Harlingen, TX. into Louisiana. Some such fields and formations include: Santa Rosa field in Kenedy Co, Yegua Sands, Frio Sands, and Hackberry in Orange Co, Wildcats in San Patricio Co. and Refugio Co., Yougeen Field and Hickley FM., Wildcats in Bee CO., Indian Field in Fort Bend Co.,

Northern and Western Texas:

Keeping true to our history we still maintain a small level of activity in the Barnett Shale and surrounding areas.

Our activity in West Texas has been limited to the North Central areas around the Pennsylvanian ages Horseshoe Atoll. We have been actively researching and logging Strawn Fm. in the Reef and the Wolfcamp through to Mississippian LS in other areas.