Geotech Logging Services LLC - Current Drilling Activities


Geotech was founded in 1991 by Brian Desaulnier who worked as a wellsite geologist in the 90's. He personally experienced the horizontal drilling technology evolve during the 90's and with that the development of geosteering practices. Mr. Desaulnier founded Geotech for the purpose of providing better geosteering data for his Austin chalk projects. Since then, Geotech has remained a competitor in the oilfield services of mudlogging and Geosteering.

Major projects list:
-1st horizontal well drilled in the Barnett Shale.
-Major participant during the Pettit lime play boom in East Texas.
- Continuous active in multiple Serpentine trends.
- Actively providing services for clients with Geothermal projects, such as Layne Christian. Our services have been so impressive we have been asked to go international for geothermal programs in Saipan and Nicaragua.
- Many Deep exploration wells throughout Texas, reaching basement rock.