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There are countless companies out there dressed in their custom emblem overalls, prepared to sell you average value services at premium prices, but not us. We are Geotech Logging Services, LLC, owned and operated by a Geologist. We are a mid-sized mud logging and gas detection service company serving Texas for over 20 years. Regardless of how large or small the rig, how high tech or low tech the operation, we have the tools to fit the job and deliver the highest quality readings and samples. Our software is designed to adapt to Pason, Tatco, or to stand alone. Our hardware is top quality, custom designed for the most accurate gas readings. We have a triple redundancy Lag calculation protocol to insure our gas and samples are on target.
Geotech is always looking for a better way of doing business, from adapting to the needs of unmanned gas detection, to using new gas detection equipment for a more reliable or durable operation. Not only can we adapt to your rig but we engineer much of our own equipment, making us experts on how to do the job at hand.

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