Geotech Logging Services LLC - Geosteering


About Us

Geosteering is the reason for the existence of Geotech Logging Services. Geotech’s owner, Brian Desaulnier, created this company to support his geosteering projects and research in the Austin Chalk. Now, 20 years later, we are a competitive service company in Texas. Using the combination of 20 years of mudlogging and geosteering experience, gamma data, Calcimetry, and cuttings, we can accurately project and steer your well.

Our Team

Our team are all geology degreed, providing you with the geological knowledge necessary for a truly accurate and efficient steering operation. Our team works 24/7, providing real-time supervision and decision-making to ensure your operation will be a success.

Our Software

After reviewing many geosteering programs, we have chosen SES based on its ease of use, well-planning capabilities, cross-section and 3D presentation, and multi-well layout capabilities.

We Offer:

• On Location/ Off location Options
• Mudlogging Team Option
• Horizontal Logs

Example Cross-Section & Horizontal Log